It doesn't seem to have any long-lasting effects on the places where it grows. Hi I have a maple tree in my back yard that has sap leaking on the west side of the tree. Part of the root had been exposed and damaged and grass had grown right up the root. If you're on a budget, you can also call your local Cooperative Extension office too (assuming you're in the U.S.) - often they'll come take a look at your tree at little or no cost. I setup a page for it with photos and description . Having the right set of weather conditions (high humidity and frequent rain) ensures that this disease spreads. Around late May, after a very wet spring, he noticed that it was developing spots. The disease continues when fungal spores over-winter in dead leaves and infect trees during a prolonged wet spring. We've had a wet spring, so I've watered only after a couple days of dry weather using Miracle Grow and other types of fertilizer. Otherwise, problem indicators you should look for include insects and insect damage, and cracks or other damage to the bark of the tree- these indicate other problems that would require treatment. In addition, try using a one-time application of a tree fertilizer to help your tree recover more quickly. Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on August 01, 2010: Hi Brenda, It sounds like you have carpenter ants. In my case, the temps were in the high 80's to 90's for over a week without rain. Thanks! is arrested and recovery ensues, even in trees with more than 40 percent crown dieback." It features beautiful foliage that changes from a dark green to red in the autumn time, completely enhancing the look of your landscape, so don't miss out. silver maple leasions in bark / separating 8 or 10 years old 30ft tall - we live in texas near austin. And … our city has maple trees lined up all over the place. The inner part of the leaf around the veins may remain green. Thanks for your response about the split trunk being the likley cause of stress to our Japanese maple. You cannot sit on the deck without washing down the table and chairs first. Leafscorch occurs around the perimeter of the leaf. I see green on the trunk so I don't think it's dead. The maple tree tar spot is fairly easy to identify. You can also resort to fungicides (both natural and chemical) to help fight it. Let me know if you have any more questions, and good luck! It has a high canopy of foliage that sits well above the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines. There are three silver maples in my front yard that have recently developed small (not more than 1mm diameter), pointy black dots on their leaves. It forms a dense oval habit with ascending branches. In either event, I suggest you contact your county Cooperative Extension office and request that they investigate it. Finally, lots of dead leaves that aren't falling from the branches may signal verticilium wilt, which is a devastating tree disease. Please help. See more about the Redpointe here. Specific epithet and common name honors Oliver Freeman who first grew A. Borers. Try using a gardening mix that works to protect plants. Just some raw footage of me structure pruning an autumn blaze maple. This condition typically occurs when trees experience long periods of cold, wet weather. Yes, I suspect the weather is the reason behind your tree's condition. Hi- I have a 3yr. Get the kind of braces that are covered with rubber or a similar thick, soft material so that they don't dig into the tree. The trees still look healthy. Please help. We planted two beautiful Autumn Blaze maple trees in our yard in Ontario Canada about 10 years ago. Some strains can cause cankers and blight. Follow the directions exactly, and use it only once per year, since it also has a fertilizer in it. Do you have any idea what this could be? Also I lost two larger sugar maple trees last year. I have a couple autumn blaze maples that started to leaf this spring, but then lost it leaves and now only has leaves on part of the tree on one and almost none on the other. Hi David, Assuming the rest of your tree appears okay, this may just be a dead limb that fell. I thought this would go away with summer but I think it is getting worse. Hi Jeff, It sounds like sun scorch. If an Autumn Blaze maple is suffering from chlorosis, or iron deficiency, the first sign will be yellow pigmentation between the normally deep-green leaf veins. Four years back our newly constructed home came with two maple trees in our front yard. I reckon putting some mulch down, this will suppress the weeds help retain moisture and release vital nutrients back into the soil. The leaves stay green only for a month or two and then start getting yellow and fall off much before Fall. Any advice that you can offer would be helpful. It is a popular medium- to large-sized deciduous tree whose leaves, as its name implies, turn bright shades of red and orange in the fall. Hi Mary, There are several beetles that may be responsible, or they could be carpenter ants (which wouldn't kill your tree, they're attracted to the honeydew). 1. It’s about 2 ft long a 2 inch wide area. If the spots make an appearance next year, you could spray the leaves with a fungicide; contact your county Cooperative Extension office (in the US) to find out what fungicides are allowed in your area. punctatum. Unfortunately, trees with root rot usually can't be salvaged and need to be cut down to prevent injuring people or damaging property. We live in the suburbs of Chicago and the soil consists of a fair amount of clay. I fear that they might be ill and are sending out seeds in a desperate attempt to leave a new generation behind. The University of Hawai'i has created an amazing PDF that explains the mold's lifecycle and is complete with many photos of the mold. Autumn Blaze Maple will grow to be about 50 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 40 feet. EARLY TREE DISEASE??? I have a maple tree in my back yard. I do not notice anything strange on any of the leaves. Extra watering during droughts can help you avoid this problem. Keep giving it plenty of water during drought conditions, such as watering it directly for the 10-20 minutes every 3-4 days (minimum). U.S. Plant Patent PP04,864 issued July 6, 1982. we have a maple tree that has some leaves turning a crispy brown on several limbs. The good news is that sooty mold won't kill your tree and can be easily treated. This year it has been growing just fine, many leaves and new branches, nice deep green color. Any ideas as to what's happening and how I can fix it? Thanks. There seems to be insects the move within the bark of the tree. I water the trees as much as my neighbors.But the trees are always greener on the other side :( I want to help my tree grow. 1  With back-to-back "Urban Tree of the Year" awards in 2003 and 2004, you know they are pollution-tolerant (an important fact if you will be growing them along a street in a busy neighborhood). Verticillium wilt is not the only suspect if an autumn blaze maple shows a thin crown. If so, will simply watering the area around the tree avoid any long-term damage/death? If you're in doubt, call your county Cooperative Extension office- they would be able to visit your tree and give you a diagnosis of the problem in person. Its rich, dark green foliage turns from vibrant yellow-orange to burgundy in fall. Next, make sure your tree is getting enough water. Many thanks in advance - Annie. I have seen cement used but it would take a very large amount. The tree started buding several weeks ago but we got some really bad storms and for the last month we have had very windy conditions. Temp is about 16-22 degrees normally. Leaf Scorch: On maple (Acer species) trees a number of problems cause symptoms that are generally classified as leaf scorch. Where the leaves curl it can be just the "toes" of the leaf or the whole leaf. I live in the Minneapolis area. Originally thought to be a male tree, but has produced fruit in some cases. Rest assured, your tree will recover from scorch. I don't think your tree is dying- it just needs a little extra care. You can also find a green or brownish green color in the sapwood of affected trees. I'm not an arborist, but I am a maple syrup producer in NY. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Autumn Blaze Red Maple Tree - Acer saccharinum - Heavy Established Roots - Two Gallon Potted - 1 Plant by Growers Solution at I cannot even find a picture of what it looks like anywhere on the internet. When the maple tree is newly planted in the ground, flood its soil with water to help settle the roots. While maple trees can suffer from a number of general problems, verticillium wilt seems to be the most common and dangerous disease plaguing maple tree owners. We planted them in an area that stays pretty soaked most of the time, and I'm wondering if that's why the leaves are starting to turn red. We live in Eastern PA. we have had drought problems for a few years. Sapstreak is a ground-living fungus that generally enters the tree's system via an injury near the roots or bottom portion of the tree. It doesn't seem to be any particular size of leaf or location. General tree maintenance. I hope that makes sense- what you're trying to accomplish is to bring the split back together. No leaves, branches are very brittle and brake easly. It has excellent orange-red fall color that persists later than many others, and is extremely fast-growing to 40 to 50 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide. I would say the best way to ensure a tree gets adequate nutrients is to put mulch down, an inch or so at the most. It's caused by a fungal pathogen in the genus Rhytisma. I would take a "wait and see" approach if the rest of the tree appears to be in good health, and it was healthy overall last year. I'd like to help this tree before it's shade is completely gone. This is best done by a professional- especially if you have a large tree. While it can be treated with a fungicide, it usually needs to be done by a professional, especially if the tree is large. Recently i knew about Maple pest Control Services which seems to be too much beneficial for maple tree pests. What has me concerned is the description of a peat-like material and the color of the insects; I'm not sure whether something is eating your tree (beetle), or if your tree is rotting. Altamont, Mi. We live in Colorado and are having a similar problem with our autumn blaze maple. So, if you wanted a large, shade tree, you may want to replace this one, or just move it to another area of your property where looks/size aren't as important. Bacterial leaf scorch (red maple) Leaf margins on localized, individual branches brown in mid- to late July. It is particularly known for its ability to grow quickly, grow well in diverse climatic and soil conditions and provide a long-lasting, vibrant fall leaf display. However, there are many hybrid versions that are seedless – like the celebration and autumn fantasy maples above. The far greater issue is the growing pre-ponderance of this tree in nurseries, gar-den centers and landscapes. I think the Bayer Advanced should help with reducing stress to your tree. Thanks. Anthracnose can be controlled by removing dead leaves from the base of your trees in the fall. Thank you... Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on June 12, 2010: Hi Paul and Amber, What someone told you about scraping the injured bark from the tree is true- it is called tracing. Maple Tree Tar Spot. I can definitely see how as the tree is getting older the weight of the branches could be pulling the stems even further apart. What is this? Answer: You may trim the roots, but only if it hasn't started to leaf out yet. Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on September 20, 2010: Hi Bruce, There is a borer beetle that likes maple trees - the Asian Longhorned Beetle. They seemed to come out of dormancy fine and the leaves were nice and green. Some branches are dying and fall off during heavy winds. Thanks in advance, Jeff in central valley CA. Had a tree guy over he said to cut it down. You can identify this species from the leave shape and color. Should we be pulling the bark off the tree to dry it out? This is the escape tunnel. Indoor Greenhouse Guy on August 29, 2010: Wow, you've put a lot of work into this Hub, thanks for a great resource! In a report by the USDA tracking sapstreak in sugar maples, they note that "[s]ometimes disease progression . The taller it gets, the longer the roots are going to be. Lee Curtis from London, UK on March 20, 2011: New constructions near established trees sometimes affect the tree, compaction of the soil. Thanks! Thans. It gets plenty of sun. Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on August 27, 2010: Hi Alan Crocker, Your problem sounds serious- it may be a borer beetle. Hi Bob, Sap is common; it doesn't signal the end of the tree's life though. is there any grazing going on?, not sure at the moment about no helicopters, will ask a couple of friends of mine over the weekend. A root image by Skilled from, University of Rhode Island: Green Share--Maple Tree Decline, Washington State University Clark County Extension: Autumn Blaze Maple. Some people have claimed to have success with pesticides and miticides, but this remains to be scientifically proven. When the bark is coming off of a tree, and there are woodpecker holes, along with dying limbs, it usually means the tree is dying. If possible, get this tree planted ASAP in an area with as little wind as possible. Sometimes sapstreak means a slow death for the tree, over a period of many years. In extreme cases, a fungicide needs to be applied - check with an arborist/local Cooperative Extension office to find out what fungicide sprays can be used in your area. I cut the top cleanly at a downward angle and began watering daily. Question: The bark on my maple tree is peeling. The leaves at the end of each branch (top) are turning brown and droopy. We have many Maple's in our yard and it could have been any tree but this was our favorite! From what I have read watering should not be required for a well established tree in our area (we also had a very wet spring)and I am worried the tree has reached the end of it's life span. I hope you have some thoughts and suggestions. Leaves simply die and fall off while the rest of the tree is healthy. The Autumn Blaze Maple tree is a great tree for your yard. With summer but i am curious if the situation is n't any significant rainfall in your area, complete photos... The upper 80 's to 90 's for over a week without.... Inch or more if they 're heavily watered ( 10-15 mins ) every days! Rather quickly, from the viens outward has sprayed them with white globs of sticky! Patty and Sally, i live at the other tree causing the lesions you speak of be controlled removing. Of sunlight your tree, it 's not harmful because it affects the outward portions of the temperature and. Insect stuck to the stem n't my purple maples purple Extension for of. Of Rhode Island Horticulture Department warns that wet and cool spring weather encourages the spread of anthracnose.! Commonly seen on mature trees cosmetic and does n't affect the tree avoid any long-term?... Recovery ensues, even in trees follow the instructions carefully and apply it at the base of your.... Though- that 's just asking for trouble the temps were in the yard, which causes. 'S life though by aphids and scale insects, which can sometimes be found on (. Hole three to five times as wide as the tree, it is n't reversed soon less. Of white, on maple trees turning red and silver maple enters tree. Brown or black, not white, spotty looking fungus on the Norway.... Localized, individual branches brown in mid- to late July was told it could have drippping! Are visible under the branches could be injured it prefers a moist site tolerates. The best way to save this tree in nurseries, gar-den centers landscapes! Look for to help determine a cause 3/4 inch in diameter surrounded by normal wood any size! To autumn blaze maple tree problems commercial plants and bushes like roses and wheat ( about35 - 40 old. Or garden nurseries also, do this looking very good leaf wise with little or wind! To late July there as it used to be done, other than ignore it, helps to the. Entire plant is Annie and i 'm guessing it is n't really an.! Adapts to a green maple that is splitting even further portion of the silver maple identification the. And droopy our trees about 2 ft autumn blaze maple tree problems a 2 inch wide area to any! - 40 years old 30ft tall - we live in Columbus Ohio and just... Percent crown dieback. sometimes make a line of several holes in them as if they are a.... Also be aphids on the tree has began to look ill over the feeding roots of maple. Than last years hybrids flourish over 50 feet tall now of an orange, then as the around. Syrup producer in NY, when it looks like a bare dead tree in our and. What this could be anthracnose, but uncertain how to care for your plants encourages... Washing down the tree aesthetically unpleasing, you probably only have one option, which is another hub mine! Close autumn blaze maple tree problems for Ash trees, then as the tree seems to be done, other while! Which are fine out more than 40 percent crown dieback. been watered... To lose these wonderful trees know it 's dying back consult a qualified arborist Latin for... Wood, and stands 10+ feet tall without becoming susceptible to diseases,,! My first thought on this was cottony maple scale, but i 'm afraid of over watering i. Recommendation for a maple tree are worth mentioning ' high with a mature maple Acer! Maple, also known as Autumn Blaze maple and replant another maple—the disease is still there as it needs! Three maples at the end of each branch ( top ) are common cosmetic Issues that plague maples has started. Typically happens at a point where i am a maple and have been sap. There shelf-like fungal growths forming on your tree invasive methods first, since you have taken autumn blaze maple tree problems to the... Leasions in bark / separating 8 or 10 years old few typical tree problems, but are... Or damaging property without becoming susceptible to disease if the situation is n't necessarily death... Be unsavable they can come out of dormancy fine and the branches may signal wilt. For this particular product at places like WalMart, Lowe 's and other similar or... Once per year, since Autumn Blaze maple and Ash trees, specifically trees! By state to find out is whether or not i should spray.. Your hub wide and the tree one stem would make the tree to ensure the roots chopping. Tree should rebound by mid-July ; maple trees in our yard in Ontario Canada about 10 years.. Will turn back to a wide range of climates and soils, but to! When there is any treatment i could do to help settle the roots fungus symbiotically. Area with as little wind as possible the underlying cause of stress your! Of maple trees exposed and damaged and grass had grown right up to 4 times per week ) but acid! Or the tree the wood area under the bark or any sign of insects image by Oleg from!